Are you a nonprofit dog daycare?

Virginia Woof is a program of Outside In, a nonprofit social services organization that has been in Portland since 1968.

Is Virginia Woof the best place for my pet?

Yes! Virginia Woof offers a state-of-the-art facility that provides a safe and fun experience for your pooch. We focus on cleanliness, safety and professionalism to provide the best dog daycare services.

What sets your staff apart?

Our highly skilled staff combines 20 years' of experience working with animals. We have a veterinary technician, canine skills trainer and core staff trained in basic animal first aid and CPR. We have a strong passion for dogs and a passion for our nonprofit mission to help homeless youth become self-sufficient.


Who are the youth employed at Virginia Woof?

The youth selected to work for Virginia Woof are individuals between the ages of 17 and 24 that have shown the desire to improve their lives by participating in employment training programs offered by Outside In. Virginia Woof is the stepping stone they need to continue on with permanent employment goals.

Why use dog daycare as an employment training program?

We chose a dog daycare model because of the natural connection youth have with animals. This proves to be a safe and healthy learning environment for teaching basic job skills. We are the first, and currently, the only program in the nation using this unique approach to workforce development.